i290 stop reporting

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i290 stop reporting

Post by gabe9011 »

well i am using the acutrackung for my little one the start school and is riding the bus; so i want to have peace of mind he is safe in school and safe back home; i have issues with reporting; while we did the test ourself the data report without a problem but i notice the battery runs pretty low by the end of the day so i decided to set times so the battey will last longer; well yesterday the reception was fine until he was in school but when he was heading back didn't send any reports until he was almost home What could cause this? is anything i could do to fix it. i notice start reporting back when he ask one of the older kids to call me.

And today started good until like 2 miles before school when stop reporting ; he arrive at his school which i had fence and didn't report that either.

We did the route prior he started school, to make sure with don't have any signal problems.

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Re: i290 stop reporting

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Once the GPS signal is lost (for example due to poor sky views), it takes more time to recover because of the outdated almanac data (see here for details).

When you tested it yourself, the phone might have been having nice view of the sky, while it might have poor view of the sky with your kid. Was that in school bus? Seating near the windows might help.
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