Visible to phone when activated?

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Visible to phone when activated?

Post by alisad »

If we turn this on will our daughter see that it has been activated or is it just an app that she can find on phone?

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Post by hutch109 »

It is an app. on the phone - it will be visible upon boot up - and will also show in the java apps as a suspended app.

Does that help?

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Re: Visible to phone when activated?

Post by jimbo »

I can't speak for your daughters phone, and maybe it's just a bug, but this is what I did on a blackberry 9530.
1) I installed the regular software, configured it, then installed the covert software.
2) After noticing that the icon still appeared (making it visible), I went into the advanced options/applications and deleted the software.
3) When I returned to the tracking web page, I noticed I was still being tracked.

I checked the apps, opened the program switch utility, even plugged it into the usb port and ran the application manager from my pc, but there is no sign of the software. When I reboot my phone, my tracking icon disappears, then reappears when my phone boots back up. It's doing exactly what I wanted!

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