teenager with special needs

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teenager with special needs

Post by scm »

I have a teenage son with special needs. He is independent in the neighborhood. He has no problem with me installing the tracking devise, he sometimes forgets the time he needs to come home and will go beyond his allowed area.
He always has the phone and it is always charged.
My problem is he cannot "self regulate" and stop from downloading things from the internet (please no speeches about the fact that he has to learn this skill)
How can I have the internet data option on and set up a password so he can't down load ringtones or set up "subscrptions" (he cannot read the fine print when it says: free it is not really free)
Really need help. Need a gps tracker that will have password protections for this special needs kid so he can't start downloading inappropriate and expesive things AND we can give him some freedom.
He has a blackberry edge 8110 using ATT service. Willing to pay someone to help set this up as soon as possible
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Re: teenager with special needs

Post by Rob »

I would contact the phone carrier..
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