Mercury switch

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Mercury switch

Post by ten5 »

can I install a mercury switch to conserve batt power? if so how is this done? Thanks

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Post by ATSupport »

I know some users have done this and it works great. Just make sure you set AccuTracking auto start with the phone.
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phone auto-turn on?

Post by Epoxy »

Does the i415 have a way to automatically turn itself on when connected to power?

I'd think the ideal instalation would be to have the phone connected to "accessory" power, which is only on when the car is on. The phone would continue to power itself using its battery after the car is turned off, but would eventually die after a few days. If the phone would automatically turn itself back on the next time the car was started, that'd rock.


Anyone found autopower up on connect

Post by lamanmi »

Anyone find a way to have the i415 power on when power to cigarette lighter is turned on?

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Post subject: Anyone found autopower up on connect

Post by Slimson »

I think most people just leave the phone powered up all the time and hooked to a source that is powered all the time.

The small amount of power used by the phone won't cause any significant drain on a car battery.

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Post by copter »

Batt and motion switch problem has been solved thanks to Rob

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