android app on moto z2

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android app on moto z2

Post by alf2 »

I have the app (covert) on my Android Motorola Z2 Force. It stops sending on a regular basis (every 2-3 days). I have to run the configuration app to get it to start sending it again. Also, what does the "CHECK IN" and "CHECK OUT" do in the configuration app?
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Re: android app on moto z2

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"Check out" would hide the unit on the tracking map. "Check in" would make it visible again on the map.
You can also unhide it online in your account by clicking “Manage Units” > “Edit” > Uncheck “Hide on map” box.

Check under your phone settings and see whether you have "battery optimization" setting.

Also, Android's new OS tightened the system policy and is more strict on
what could "stealthily" run in the background - more and more like iOS now -
and you'll have to use the regular version instead of covert version to whitelist it in the battery optimization above.
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