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TK373 Users: Scheduled maintenance upgrade to the SIM data network 2/14/2017

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:49 am
by ATSupport
We received a notification from our SIM card carrier that a maintenance procedure is scheduled for the data network on 2/14/2017 between 19:00 - 20:00 EST.

Quote from the carrier:
During this period, we will be performing an upgrade on our network as part of our continued network evolution.

To perform the upgrade, it will be necessary for us to close all existing data sessions. Possible service disruption of up to 30 minutes is expected during the planned window. Whilst it is expected that most units should restart a new session immediately after the upgrade, there could be a delay depending on your device and the serving network on which you are roaming before a new data session is started.

Your TK373 tracker will lose data connection and online tracking during this time. It'll retry the connection next time the vehicle is ON and moving. The GPS location data collected when network was unavailable will be cached by the tracker and retried to be sent again once the network is available.

If there's any questions about this maintenance please contact our support.