TK104 no GSM but GPS Flashing

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TK104 no GSM but GPS Flashing

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Hi there, the TK104 GSM lights stay on and GPS led Flashing,what does that mean?
SMS begin and no reply and if i put the sim onto the phone can get all the SMS.
Tried another network supplier, same issues.
any idea whats wrong?
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Re: TK104 no GSM but GPS Flashing

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That means no GSM signal but GPS is OK. What SIM card is that?

AT&T is shutting down their 2G network (2G sunset) and your area might have been affected: ... Q_2016.pdf

Your TK104 is a 2G device so it can only work with 2G network, while your phone is probably 3G/4G which is not affected by 2G shutdown.
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