GPS Reporting Interval

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GPS Reporting Interval

Post by magothyboy »

After activating the GPS unit and SIM, I installed in in my 2012 VW and took it for a test drive. Worked fine. Got position updates every 30 seconds and saw this in the Accutracking web page. Then took the GPS and put in in my old 2002 Honda Civic (kids car) and took another test drive. The reporting interval tanked (like 5 minutes plus between reports). I am stumped as to why. No OBDCii data either. I am having some issues with getting the unit to respond to SMS text commands as well, keep getting a pwd fail msg. Pretty frustrated at this point...
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Re: GPS Reporting Interval

Post by ATSupport »

The report interval shouldn't change from car to car - it sounds more like the tracker had hard times getting GPS or cell signals in 2002 Honda Civic, causing missing tracking data.
The fact that you cannot get SMS response from the the tracker confirms this.
The missing OBD data could be caused by OBD protocol mismatch between the car and the device.

Try to use an OBD extension cable to move the tracker "out of" the car a bit so it can better "see" the sky. For further assistance, please email our support.
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