An awesome unexpected Benefit to tracking MYSELF !!!

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An awesome unexpected Benefit to tracking MYSELF !!!

Post by ima2nr »

I have been tracking myself for just over 1 week now, and when I initially set up the software I subscribed to the daily email summary of the tracking results.

Well I just opened the very nicely packaged daily .pdf and to my surprise I can see a huge benefit for those that drive for business related purposes.

This daily .pdf makes a PERFECT log of ‘Daily Miles Driven’, and it also documents the actual destinations, times, etc. as well.

WOW… now I will have an iron clad record of all of my Business deductible miles for my next Tax Return… no more handwritten log books, stacks of gas receipts, etc to attempt to piece together my records… I will just save these daily .pdfs into a folder, and I can click and email the entire record to the accountant, print them out, or review them myself when prepping for my next Tax Return.

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Re: An awesome unexpected Benefit to tracking MYSELF !!!

Post by HarryCW3 »

I love this idea.
The cheapest way to do this is with the Package-2 and the TK373, which is $15.99 per month.
Were you able to write off enough mileage to make up the cost?
I suppose you could get a break on insurance also.
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