Some women are out there

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Some women are out there

Post by BeingStalkedByAgirl »

Just thought I would post and see what people have to say out there. I met this amazing girl online last summer. Things were perfect!! After only a few months, we were engaged. That month, somehow she hacked into my corporate email. I work for a global firm with encryption and other security measures in place. It's a federal offense to do this, but she somehow did. The email she read was between me and another girl that lives 5 hours away. I haven't seen the girl in about 9 years, but the emails were someone inappropriate, so I admitted to my wrong doing and apologized.

A few weeks later, it happened again and I reported it to my firm. The IT group searched the servers and found no intrusion. Eventually they dropped it because it was personal email being read, not confidential files.

She claimed she has a friend that was doing the hacking without her asking. First, the guy is a private investigator, next she think he works for the FBI, and next, he's in the witness protection program.

A month or so later, she shows me how you can go into outlook and retrieve deleted messages. My thoughts were, she used my computer while I was out of the house and copied emails to a flash drive, where she was able to look at them a few days later without being rushed.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how this happened?

Things have continued to get weird. She's gotten into the email more. I think she's also looking at my text messages. Any suggestions are appreciated. Common sense says run like hell. However, it's easier to say than do.
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Re: Some women are out there

Post by Rob »

Give me a call..this is not the place to discuss this matter!
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