Uploading of Cached Records Disrupts Current Position Fixes

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Uploading of Cached Records Disrupts Current Position Fixes

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If the unit has multiple cached records, once the unit begins uploading those records it no longer reports its current location until all of the records have been uploaded.


A unit is is on a 4 hour trip at 65mph with updates set for every minute (which would cause updates every 15 seconds with the option set for more frequent reporting at higher speeds).

For the first hour, the unit has cell service, and the records are being updated every 15 seconds; no problems no far...

During the second hour, the unit enters a 'dead zone', without cell service. The unit begins caching its records; still no problems...

At the third hour, the unit enters an area with cell service. The unit begins uploading it's cached records; let's say this process takes 30 minutes to complete; still no problems? Yep, there is. During the 30 minute time period the cached records are being uploaded, no new/current records are being uploaded or cached.

So, what does this result in? If the trip takes a total of 4 hours, and the above occurs, then tracking data for the time between 3 and 3 1/2 hours is 'lost'. There's no record of it anywhere....

Except... If the unit re-enters an area without cell service, it will again begin caching records... It's 'current' position will be appended to the rest of the cache....

Is there a way to either:

1. During the cache uploads, continue to get position fixes, but append them to the cache? Or, better yet...

2. During the cache upload, interrupt the upload to post the current fix, then resume the cache upload until the next current position fix, which would preempt the cache uploads, etc. etc...

Clear as mud? If you hadn't guessed we're in an area where we have excellent service coverage... It's good for two hours to the east, but no coverage for 2 hours to the west. So, if one of our units travels this corridor, we lose some of their history of where exactly they were during the time frame it takes to upload their cached records.


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Re: Uploading of Cached Records Disrupts Current Position Fixes

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Hi Casey,

Thanks for the feedback. Actually the software does both 1 & 2 already. The latest position fix and sending already have the highest priority. The cache sending has the lowest priority of all. And data acquisition and sending are in separate threads so they won't interrupt each other.

I think what you had was just a coincidence. The phone was at one time has good cell network coverage but poor sky view, therefore it was able to send out cached data but had hard time acquiring new positions.
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