AccuTracking to Catch Thief?

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AccuTracking to Catch Thief?

Post by ThiefCatcher »

This is a "covert operation" that should -- at least in theory -- intrigue some of you. I am fully prepared to pull this off, if it's even possible.

There is a chronic thief in my neighborhood breaking into people's cars every night, stealing stereos, money, change dishes, personal posessions, etc. Cops don't care.:evil:

A. Buy an iDEN phone with Sprint/Nextel service.

B. Get the minimum activation for $29.99 and $10.00 for data service.

C. Get a $5 insurance policy on the phone, so that if/when it gets stolen it can be replaced if/when I can't track it and the thief down.

D. Download, install and activate AccuTracking.

E. Test and confirm that AccuTracking generally and reliably works in the Greater Seattle area (where the thief and I live).

F. Wrap the phone as if it was a Christmas present, complete with charger, extra battery and car charger. The "gift" will include a bow and card. The card will say, "Dear Sis, It's loaded with prepaid minutes, so you've got no excuses! You better call! Love, Your Brother, Jeff."

G. Leave the "gift" in my car. Let it get stolen from my unlocked car. I can almost guarantee this will happen.

H. I will be taping my car 24/7 with a color X-10 camera that I own.

I. When the thief unwraps the "gift" they will find a "PREPAID ACTIVATION RECEIPT" that says the phone has 5,000 minutes. This receipt will be an elaborately faked ruse to trick the thief into keeping and using the phone himself. The phone's number will be provided, for his convenience. Other details will reassure the thief that "No statement will ever be sent, and no calling record will be kept -- for maximum privacy and security." (I am a graphic artist and can create a truly authentic document.)

J. Armed with video images of the thief and his known/likely whereabouts, I track him down and have him arrested. Or, possibly, have whoever he gives/sells the phone to interrogated by the police when I locate it. This high-value find isn't likely to go far from the thief's inner circle.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how dumb or brilliant is this plan? How likely is it that it will work?

2. What is the best phone to get cheaply that works well with AccuTracking, since I want the phone to get stolen?

3. Where do I get a cable for software download?

4. I am reasonably intelligent and patient, but not exceptionally so. How difficult is it to activate AccuTracking?

5. Thieves are idiots, so how likely is it that this person will know what AccuTracking is? How suspicious would they be (esp. with a free cell phone)? How likely is it he (or she) will turn AccuTracking off? How hard is it to turn AccuTracking off?

6. What am I missing? Forgetting?

I don't care if this doesn't work completely. If the phone actually gets stolen and I don't track him down, I still have him on video. Plus, the phone is insured. I am willing to pay for his minutes if he is willing to use the phone (even if he gives it to his girlfriend). Any calls made can also be used to track him, as it leaves some sort of trail that traces back to him.

I am diabolically crafty and want to make this work. I want to air the story on local TV, etc. when done. Heck, it just sounds like fun! :twisted:

Might work

Post by hjboudre »

That could work, i know that GPS tracking was used to catch a murderer locally when he used his company truck to dispose of the body and it showed everywhere that he drove, and totally debunked his alibi.

Good luck!

GPS & Crime

Post by ThiefCatcher »

Here is a link to a story about the murder case, solved with GPS: ... 3may03.htm

Apparently, GPS tracking devices were also used in the Laci Peterson case. Police attached a GPS unit to Scott Peterson's vehicles after he became a "person of interest." The GPS data showed Peterson returning to the marina a number of times, but since it didn't really prove anything, no GPS data was ever offered as evidence in court.

It works

Post by Steakk »

I work for Nextel, and shortly after the merger with Sprint, a phone(i860) was stolen. Trying to figure out what could be done, a plan was schemed to activate the phone, and turn GPS, they did. Within 2 hours, they had pinpointed the location of the theif, and arrested him...and his buddy...both individuals had warrants out for their arrest in other theft cases.

Did You Do it?

Post by Guest »

Is there an update to this diabolical plot? I am dying to know.

Re: It works

Post by Guest »

[How did they activate the phone and turn this GPS on?
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Post by zardiw »

I truly HATE's as bad as rape in my opinion......I think your plan is flawless...........hope you catch the bastard!!!........Keep us posted!!!.....z

Love this plan

Post by »

Hey, I am planning on doing the same thing with some guy that keeps breaking into cars and stealing stuff. Let me know how your plan works because I am working on the same problem. Also, if anyone else has done anything similar I would love to hear about it.

Post by kmfdm138 »

i'm just gonna wait in my garage. Leavemy car out all night with the windows down. when they come back they will wish they had not. They will beg for me to call the cops to save them. Pull some HOSTEL type shit on them down in the basement.

Post by Guest »

i'm just gonna wait in my garage. Leavemy car out all night with the windows down. when they come back they will wish they had not. They will beg for me to call the cops to save them. Pull some HOSTEL type shit on them down in the basement.
this is exactly what i had planned after a couple hoodlums broke into my house right after moving in. sad to say, they never came back. i know who they are and where they live tho :twisted:

Re: AccuTracking to Catch Thief?

Post by vigilante »

I live in Los Angeles...near long beach. I had my truck broken into a few times. Pissed the f*@kid off I came up with a plan. I had purchased a mountain bike on craigslist and left it on my front porch while I and two of my buddies waited parked in my truck across the street. At about 230am a guy walks up and see's the bike and stood there for about 10 min making sure no one was awake. We where ready! he jumps on the bike we jump out the truck in all black and ski masks....the chase is on! What I forgot to mention is prior to seting the bike on the front porch we had completely loosened the front wheel bolts and loosened the seat so that it would come off exposing the 3/4 inch pipe he now has for a seat. Ok !!! So as we are chasing him hes screaming..."im sorry"..."im sorry" going about idk 20-25 miles a hour , lifts the front end of the bike and wheel goes flying off.......sssssmmmmaaaaccck!!! Face first into concrete-rolls a few times and stops. As we catch up he is screaming in pain crying and waiting for a Ass whooping. But no we had another plan! As we aproched him I noticed a few of his front teeth are missing: I told him today was gonna be a day he would remember his whole life!!! Holding his hand steady we cut off his thumb useing a dewalt cordless skillsaw... As he realizes what we had just done looking strait at him I say..." The other hand too" as soon as I said that he jumped up and ran far far away.... A few months later I see him working at a super market a few miles from my house, I walk up to him and say ..." Hey buddy what happen to your thumb" so he starts telling me the story and tells it like it just happened...but what he says at the end of our discussion suprised me... Looking at his freakish stump he says ..." I desirved it, I was a druged out low life, and belive it or not when I was getting my head checked and thumb stitched I decided to change my life and asked for help, been clean ever scince".... I gave him a thumbs up and walked away.
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