Tracking a phone

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Tracking a phone

Post by vee »

I am confused with the mombo jumbo, and can't get a stright answer from no one. Someone please help.
I need to track my son's cell phone which he uses to call is drug dealer. After he calls him he then leaves the house, and comes bacj high on something.
Can I track his cell phone without him knowing? And do I have to install software on his, or my phone? I have a 3g Iphone he has a nextel.
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Re: Tracking a phone

Post by hutch109 »

Not really without him knowing.

Make it easier, and track his car - if he takes his car.

Then make him find better friends.

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Re: Tracking a phone

Post by fdfdfdfd »

Change the locks on the doors while he is gone.
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Re: Tracking a phone

Post by jamescbrown »

i think u should buy him an iphone i think there are a lot of tracker apps you ca install without hi knowing it
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