AccuTracking helps Seizure Victim

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AccuTracking helps Seizure Victim

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My girlfriend of over 18 months has Epileptic seizures. It's manageable most of the time but occasionally it occurs at inappropriate times.

She drives only when she has no other option and this one day she had to make several medicine runs and pick me up from work etc.

She called me and told me she was going to have a seizure, Seizures have early warning signs. I was able to locate her with Accutracking (I have a website with the code from AccuTracking for both 8hr track and locate.

I asked her top stop at the closest safe location and wait for me. I called ems and gave them the location. I asked a friend to drive me to the location because I didn't want to have two cars to manage. We drove to the location. EMS notified me they were taking her to a name of hospital because I was stuck in traffic.

We arrive and the car was right where the AccuTracking said it was. I took my spare keys fired up the car and met my girlfriend at the hospital.

I own a small business and have several company cars. She has her assigned car for emergencies. AccuTracking makes us both feel safer.

Re: AccuTracking helps Seizure Victim

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It's great to hear stories like this!
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