Disabling walkie talkie funcition in Boost Mobile i425

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Disabling walkie talkie funcition in Boost Mobile i425

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Does somebody know how to disable the WT function in the i425 to avoid the $1/day Boost Mobile charges when a call is received? I looked for filters in the phone configuration menus, but I could not find anything.

Called Boost Mobile customer service and their answer was they do not offer such service. Their suggestion was, as they recylce their PTT numbers, to wait until the people that is calling me realize I am not the person they are trying to talk to... :shock: Meanwhile I continue spending $1 every day they decide to check if am or not such person...

Any suggestions? Tanks!

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Re: Disabling walkie talkie funcition in Boost Mobile i425

Post by hutch109 »

There is no way to stop it - there is no "PTT Block". Boost mobile was set up as a MVNO service provider - and they don't make any money on those of us that use them as GPS trackers only - actually - they LOOSE money...

One of the features our special board offers - is that it keeps the phone off when there is no motion of the target vehicle. While this does not solve the issue of people calling you - it does make it LESS likely for them to get through - since the phone is only on a short period of time - and NOT all the time.

With our board you get LONGER battery times, LESS wrong numbers and 2-way contacts, and we clear out the text and error messages upon boot-up - making the unit a much better tracking device to use with AccuTracking service.

Our standard internal i425 solution will give you 2-3 days of "standard drive time" if used as a car tracker - which is MUCH BETTER than the typical 8 hours of "use".

Our extended solution will offer 3-4 weeks on average...

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Now You Can Get Several Weeks of Use Between Re-Charges!!

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Re: Disabling walkie talkie funcition in Boost Mobile i425

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Completely irrelevant post by hutch in my opinion.... Special boards, blocking ptt... Not related.

Go to menu>profiles, find the currently active one, click menu>edit, scroll to Call Filter, turn Walkie-Talkie to on.

No more walkie-talkie.

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Re: Disabling walkie talkie funcition in Boost Mobile i425

Post by Rob »

1 800 BOOST 4U has the answers..
Our proven, low cost motion activated 1296 and i425 solution with Accutracking.. will give you weeks of service on a single charge! (Battery Charger Included) Eliminates the daily recharging routine or the need to hard wire to auto electrical systems. Boost starter kits, lithium polymer batteries,and waterproof magnetic cases...For more information please call 716 830.7791 anytime!



Re: Disabling walkie talkie funcition in Boost Mobile i425

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turing the call filter on for walkie talkie dosent mean no more walkie talkie it mean the people 2-waying you have to alert you and you only get charged 1$ if u 2-ways them back.

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