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just wondering

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Just wondering,

I have been looking at sites over the past year, regarding tracking, sim card readers, blue-tooth hacking and generally cell phone hacking. I am sort of aware, have read that there are and seem to be programs out there that can be used to lets say '' spy '' on you, but am I just being stupid in thinking, that only the police or government bodies can obtain this information?

If any Joe Bloggs can obtain these devices at a price, why is this possible?

I can understand that there are people out there obtaining and using such programmes, cause lets face it, if there was not, then there would not be sites such as these available.

How can you tell if you are being tracked, hacked, ect... any information on this, would be helpful, if anyone can help or share their knowledge..

thanks in advance
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Re: just wondering

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You need to speak with countermeasure expert in your area..Check with your local private investigators. You also can call me..FREE
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