Motorla i415 external antenna for GPS

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Motorla i415 external antenna for GPS

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Does anyone know of a way to install an external antenna for the GPS of this phone. I want to conceal it in my 16 year old daughter's car - but I want it to get a great signal. Any help would be great. Awsome product!!!




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Did you ever find an external antenna? I am interested in doing the same thing. Thanks...



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There is no need for an external antenna..test'll see!

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Theres no option for a passive gps antenna that will work, however, if your network signal is low, a 800-900 smr antenna will help that, which will help the tracking.

covert options are out there.
not so covert options are out there too.

i honestly didnt care about adding a 5th antenna (now 6th) to my truck so i use this really nice wilson:
Dude! Wheres my car?

Oh, wait. Here it is.

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