Thinking about buying have a question

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Thinking about buying have a question

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I have a service company. i want to place the phone in van engine compartment and hard wire to battery. . Would I just cut the charging wire split it to ground and hot on battery place it near the battery area. Would it get good reception there, and will this work. I want my guys to know we have gps I just don't want the phone to be easyly defeated.

Thanks Ron

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Re: Thinking about buying have a question

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You can place the phone in the compartment - but you should also protect it in a waterproof box.

You also can not just "cut the wire" and splice it in. The phones operate on 3.7 VDC and the power unit is a 12 VDC unit. You could put a cig. plug under the hood - and do it that way, but you need to make sure you have a regulated 3.7 VDC output.

We offer waterproof cases - and the ability to use AccuTracking for fleet purposes like you want to.

Our units are equipped with a computer on-board to keep the unit reset - which you will also find is needed if the trucks park inside a building over night, in parking ramps for hours, or any other time the GPS will be "challanged" and covered for a few hours.

Any questions, give me a call.


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Re: Thinking about buying have a question

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The output of the car charger is 5-6 volts not 3.7 ..the best place is under the dash where there is plenty of power and a pretty solid view of the sky through the windshield. You won't need to waterproof the unit..we do this all the time!
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