i425 usb driver problems

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i425 usb driver problems

Post by POURQUOI »

To begin I have a Windows XP version and a i425, after having download the usb driver 32bit because I couldn't install the 64bit the phone doesn't stop switching between attached and detached mode once connected to the usb cable ????
does somebody know how to take care of it ?
Thanks :shock:
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Post by Rob »

It sounds like a bad cable..

If you have any questions or need more battery life.. give me a call..

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Re: i425 usb driver problems

Post by Guest »

Try it on a 32bit computer, I couldn't get any drivers to work on vista x64 even with the x64 package. Worked fine on my 32bit xp computer though
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Re: i425 usb driver problems

Post by ATSupport »

After plugging in, try to twist the cable plug and hold it against the phone while loading the software.
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