Any thoughts about setting up in the UK...

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Any thoughts about setting up in the UK...

Post by decepticon »

Hello everyone,
I'm an American citizen living in the UK. I'll be over here for another year before moving home to Seattle Washington. In the UK there are tons of public foot paths that cross the UK countryside and while I'm very excited to rush out and go wherever my feet will take me I don't think my wife would approve of me disappearing into the foothills. So that being said does anyone have advice for setting up a phone in the UK? Is that even a possibility?

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Post by decepticon1313 »

So here is what I'm thinking about doing: I'll buy a I88s from ebay, have it shipped to the UK and then I'll try to find a UK service provider that will offer a similar package to Nextel. Here are my queries:<br>
1) Is there anything inherently wrong with my plan? (ie. Phones from the US wont work in the UK, please pardon my ignorance but this is totally new ground for me.) <br>2) When I'm looking for service over here what specifically should I be looking for in a provider? (ie. They need to be able to give me a public/private ip address, is there anything else.)
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The idea sounds right. But I think you would find the provider first then buy the phone from ebay.
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Post by jnewell »

Nextel's international data coverage is very limited. You can refer to this link to see where coverage is available. The UK is not one of them. :cry: ... data.shtml
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