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Availability of Tracking

Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2005 10:16 am
by Bryan
How often can I use the tracking on the phone?
Does it give me coordinates or an actual map?
Can I do this 50 times in one day if I want?
The phone will send a signal every minute (if programmed) will this be updated immediately on your server to be viewed just as quickly?

Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2005 11:05 am
by ATSupport
You can use as often as your want, you must have the Nextel data plan. It's updated real-time on the server.

Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2005 11:18 am
by Bryan
If you are trying to track your child, when they are in a classroom or over at a friends house you won't be able to get any information because they are inside and not seen by the satellite system?
When you look up the tracking of the phone will it show you an actual map of where the phone is at? How accurate is it?

Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2005 11:22 am
by Skibum
Tracking insode depends on the building. In my house, I have no trouble being tracked indoors, as long as I am not in the basement.

Tracking will show on an actual map. It is as accurate as your position fix. I fine usually within 75 feet. Click on my sticker for examples.

Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2005 11:24 am
by Bryan
This is truly an incredible service you guys are offering. I feel guilty not having to pay for such an exceptional service. I look forward to being a member and being able to track my child and their whereabouts. It will be such a relieve to know that someone is watching them.

Posted: Sat May 14, 2005 6:12 am
by kenley_ser
does the program have to be running to send the information to the server? like if my kid closes his app can i still track him??

Posted: Sat May 14, 2005 7:55 am
by Skibum
The application needs to be running. It can be running hidden, but needs to be running.