I 95cl LE Accutracking Program.....

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I 95cl LE Accutracking Program.....

Post by nextelnutt »

I would like to know if you will ever have Accutracking for the I 95cl?
My father has one and would like to use Accutracking. He has Telenav,so there may be a way to use the GPS unit from that and have the phone recognize that it is able to transmit its location.

Please feel to contact me so we can discuss this.

Thank You, Curtis
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Post by ATSupport »

I 95cl is a 'non-GPS' phone. You are able to use it with TeleNav because you are using the external GPS device from TeleNav. AFAIK we are not able to program TeleNav's external GPS kit without their open support. Therefore AccuTracking won't be able to run on I 95cl.
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