Access your websit from a cell phone.

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William Metcalf
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Access your websit from a cell phone.

Post by William Metcalf »

I have wireless access to the net on my i730 but can not read info from your site. My IT guy said that your site needs to be "Wirelesy Enabled or WAP so a cell phone can see it, are you? or will you be so enabeled?
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Post by Skibum »

I do not think this is going to happen anytime soon.

I Can See It

Post by mrberrie-01 »

I can see it with my Sprint Sanyo 8200. The Sanyo is great. However, Sprint needs help. Mrberrie...

Post by joinin »

I can see the tracking page with my Motorola V300 cell phone. But the characters in the map is too small to be read. When I click on the map link or try to get to history page, it says "Entity too large" and would not display.

I wish there is WAP version on the tracking page where the map in the tracking page is small and zoomable so I can read it.
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