Full screen does not remember layout

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Full screen does not remember layout

Post by trebor99 »

My interpretation of "remember layout" would be for the page to remember my tracking refresh interval rate (5 sec, 10, sec, 15 sec, etc) as well as my preferred map zoom level.

This is not the case from my experience. For one, every time there is an update the map zooms all the way in to the 150yard view. Secondly, when I leave the full page view then return the refresh interval defaults to 60 seconds.

I've noticed noticed on occassion if I have an inset map displayed and my refresh rate set relatively short (10sec) the map will often freeze in the refresh mode at the next update cycle. I'll have to close it and restart it.

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Re: Full screen does not remember layout

Post by ATSupport »

The "remember layout" option currentoy remembers the size and position of the small popup map windows only. It won't remember the interval and zoom level but they are good suggestions and we'll investigate them.
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