Public Location Hyperlink Shows Cached Data [FIXED]

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Public Location Hyperlink Shows Cached Data [FIXED]

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When a phone has cached location data, the public page will display a cached record instead of the latest record.

From testing, it appears when a phone has cached some records, when it is able to connect it first sends it's current location fix. After sending the current location, it then starts uploading the cached records, with the newest record sents first, followed be increasingly older cached records.

From testing, it appears the public location hyperlink (the one created from the 'sticker' page), is set to pull the highest record entry from the database and display it, not the most recent record as it should.

Example, the phone has the following records cached:

1. Time 01:23; Position N12.5555 W123.5555
2. Time 01:22; Position N12.4444 W123.4444
3. Time 01:21; Position N12.3333 W123.3333

When the phone is in range of the Nextel network, it will upload all three records, starting with the most recent record (1), and finishing with oldest record (3).

Once it's uploaded, if the public hyperlink page is displayed it will plot record 3 as the most recent (even though it indicates it is a cached record when displayed).

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Post by ATSupport »

We have fixed this. Thank you for the feedback!
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