Tracking Drivers in trucks across country

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Tracking Drivers in trucks across country

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Has anyone used this application to track commercial truck drivers nationwide for their company? I'm wondering how these concepts are working in real-life.

For instance, does the phone pickup satelitte signal from within the truck (I suspect it would be hard to get drivers to place the phone in a good location for signal)?

How has the adoption of the technology gone over with drivers?

We have a unique situation that does not allow us to mount anything to our trucks so other tracking services have not been an option. This one looks like a good possiblity. Any feedback would be great appreciated.
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The only problem i had travling cross country w/Nextel in a motorhome was the limited area of coverage provided by Nextel.

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I just completed a trip around the Upper Plains and found the Nextel coverage to be pretty good. Stay to the interstates and US Hwy routes in this part of the country and you'll get good coverage. Granted the land is pretty flat, which helps a great deal with the coverage. I had geofences set around major cities and received all my alerts. Most of the time the antenna was not extended.

If you're going to place the phone on the dash, try a sticky pad ( ... ypad.shtml ). They work great. $5 at Office Depot. Make sure the phone is away from other radios and electronics to avoid drowning out the GPS receiver.

I drove:
I-76 from Denver to Ogallala - 98% Coverage
I-80 to Des Moines - Little coverage until Lincoln, NE
I-35 to Minneapolis - 95% coverage
US-169/US-71 to Wadena, MN - 95 % coverage
US-71 to Park Rapids - No coverage
MN-34 to Detroit Lakes - No coverage
MN-34/US-10/I-94 to Bismark, ND - 99% coverage
US-83 to Minot, ND - 100% coverage
US-2 to Tioga,ND - No coverage after Berthold, ND, 20 miles W of Minot
US-85 Williston, ND to Spearfish, SD - Coverage within 10 miles of either side of I-94
I-90/WY-585/US-20/I-25 to Cheyenne, WY - no coverage until about 15 miles north of Cheyenne
I-25 to Denver - full coverage

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Will Be Soon...

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My dad has the I 95cl right now. When the GPS problem is fixed, he is getting an I730, 860, or 930 if it takes Nextel that long.

He drives truck and I currently keep track of him using Mobile Locator from Nextel. Personally, I like Accutracking a lot better. But you would be smart to set the phone up to automatically start up Accutracking in the settings. If you have problems figureing out how to do that, let me know.
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Coverage of Nextel

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I guess I don't know enough about this system, but doesn't the GPS system on these cell phones use Satellites and not the phone towers?
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Yes it does, but you need cell coverage to send that information to the web page! :)
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