Not receiving regular alerts

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Not receiving regular alerts

Post by Mike212 » Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:58 pm

Tracking works fine, geofence alerts work but I am not getting any alerts of movement at all. I have checked and rechecked my email address and receive geofence alerts there and other accutracking stuff? I tried just using the speed alert so i can be alerted that way when there is movement and it worked when I tried it about two hours ago but then just a short time ago I drove and it sent out but I did not get the speed alert. I'm wondering what is the rest time between speed alerts since it does not seem to send speed alerts everytime it sends data. Translation - when I first start driving I get a speed alert but the next time it sends data to accutracking and I'm over the speed limit I don't get any more speed alerts. I'm guessing maybe after it sits idle for a short time it will send out a speed alert after reaching the speed again? What is the rest time or is it supposed to always send speed alerts when over the set speed? And my biggest issue is what can I do to get movement alerts period? Thanks

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Re: Not receiving regular alerts

Post by ATSupport » Mon Jun 18, 2012 6:37 am

Speed alert doesn't get triggered again if it's constantly above the speed limit (to reduce the number of redundant alerts). For example, if you set the speed alert limit to 50mph, when you get the following speed:

7:00am: 20mph
7:01am: 20mph
7:02am: 60mph
7:03am: 65mph
7:04am: 65mph
7:05am: 45mph
7:06am: 20mph
7:06am: 55mph

You'll only get alert at 7:02am and 7:06am.

For the geofence alerts issue, please email me your username and I'll look into that.
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