Android phone jumps around

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Android phone jumps around

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My son has a Verizon Sony XPeria Play. The software appears to be working really well except for a large number of notices about going in and out of geofences. It seems to pick up tower locations a lot and is reporting them. As I understand it, tower references are not supposed to trigger geofence alerts.


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Re: Android phone jumps around

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The tower locations are not considered against the fences but the "network locations" are. Your phone is an Android phone and reports "network locations" instead of tower locations. More details are explained here at :
How does it work with geofence and speed alerts

Network locations are considered the same as your GPS locations when comparing with your preset geofences. However, it may trigger false alarms of your geofences, because overall it's not as accurate as GPS fixes.

There is no speed data associated with network locations so network locations are ignored by speed alerts.
One option for you is to disable "Use Network Location" from the AccuTracking "Setup" menu. You'll lose some data when GPS signal is weak but give it a try, it may not be that bad.
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