Compatible ruggedized/Mil spec phone?

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Compatible ruggedized/Mil spec phone?

Post by Kris »

I live in the "South" where a normal summer day can see temperatures above 100F+ combined with the fact that I have a "black" car that attracts additional heat...

I'm having issues with my phone overheating on days when I have to park out in the sun. Usually around late-afternoon it overheats and stops reporting. Once I get home, the phone has cooled down enough I can just restart accutracking and all is well until the next time it's out in the sun for several hours.

I've tried various locations for the phone to reduce the heat, even leaving it in the cabin, with windows cracked and a sun shield up in the window. While GPS signal was weaker it still worked until mid-to-late afternoon when it overheated again.

Is there a compatible "rugged" or mil-spec phone that supports AccuTracking? The i530 looks to be built to withstand extreme temperatures, but some places say it supports Java/GPS and others say it does not. It's not listed on the supported phones list, so I'm guessing it's not compatible.

There are some other phones that claim to be "ruggedized" but this simply refers to withstanding physical abuse (Dropping, etc) but no temperatures.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Compatible ruggedized/Mil spec phone?

Post by ATSupport »

As you said, most rugged models are designed for water and impact resistant, and it's the same internal board/chips as the regular version. I am not aware of any models designed with special temperature specs. Have you tried to tightly seal the phone with thick foam (isolating heat)?
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Re: Compatible ruggedized/Mil spec phone?

Post by hutch109 »

Kris; you also might have better luck using the phone external to the device being tracked. We use ours year round, in states like CA and AZ - with no trouble. They use our motion board, are mounted in a Pelican case, and then put under the car.

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