Altitude Question

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Altitude Question

Post by renevatio »

How high will the tracking system work to? If the phone was on in a non-commercial aircraft would the phone be able to get a cell signal to report its position to the person tracking the device? what is the cut-off limit for remote tracking?
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Re: Altitude Question

Post by hutch109 »

Don't have the specific altitude, but yes, there is a limit - your more likely to have issues with the cellular coverage in the air - as most cell towers use a down-til beam where the signal is hugging the ground - and not up in the sky. With that said, we have done several hundred feet - but its spotty, and most of the cell sites get angry...

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Re: Altitude Question

Post by ATSupport »

I'll give you a number - one of our users has been using our software on a Boost Mobile i290 on an outer space balloon and the highest altitude reading was 19853 feet. The balloon went higher than that but that's the max recorded. Note that this might be well beyond the cell network coverage but the phone cached the data and sent back later. YMMV.
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