Which is the best phone for Car GeoTracking?

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Which is the best phone for Car GeoTracking?

Post by edabney »

I've been looking for a GeoTracking device for some time to place in my car 24/7. I currently have a LoJack system that I got with the car when it was new but I'm looking to put in something better and I came across this site.

1. Is there any particular phone that would suit this purpose better then the others ( i58sr, i88s, i730, i830, i710)?
It seems like the i730 is the most capable phone, but probably also the most expensive for a dedicated car tracking phone.
(I've seen them for around $100 on ebay)

2. Any thoughts on placing it inside the dash permanently wired for power.
Would it need (and is it possible) to connect an external antennae?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Earl

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