Accutracking enabled i290 Stopped Reporting

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Accutracking enabled i290 Stopped Reporting

Post by dewfan » Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:18 pm

I hardwired an i290 Boost mobile phone in a car and tested the operation to ensure it was functioning. I returned the car to my significant other. When I went to check the location she was at I discovered it had stopped reporting it's location over 14 hours ago.

1.) I checked my Boost plan and have plenty of money on the account.
2.) The phone is hardwired, so power should not be an issue.
3.) Vehicle is in an area that has good to excellent coverage. Tree canopy coverage is slight. Most trees have lost there leaves here.
4.) The phone number is known by 3 people. None of whom will call the phone. Incoming calls however are not currently forwarded (will be correcting soon).
5.) No one should be texting the phone, unless it rec'd a spam text. I have set the message to minimal to reduce chance as suggested, but don't know how it will really help. If texts come they come. Does AccuTracking continue after texts arrive and if not can it be set to restart automatically after a text is sent?
6.) Does the phone being plugged in full time impact functionality of the AccuTracking functionality?
7.) What else might interrupt the program and can it be set to transmit after that interruption?
8.) I will be setting the phone to auto start Accutracking upon start up just in case.
9.) is a fix for the acknowledgment issue for text messaging messing up functionality with Boost service?


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Re: Accutracking enabled i290 Stopped Reporting

Post by hutch109 » Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:43 pm

The issue can be caused by a bunch of different things.

Text, wrong numbers, wrong direct connects, spam, etc - they can - but not always, stop the application from running. It is supposed to run in the background without issues.

Keeping it powered all the time can also cause issues - depending on where the vehicle parks, it can lose GPS coverage, and then never recover - this is cause by a few issues, that are pretty technical, and I won't get into them right now.

Setting the messages to "minimal" in Boost has no bearing on anything - thats just data from Boost that talks about your balance, time used, etc...

You need to check the phone and see what the screen shows, when its not sending data - that will help narrow it down.

The real fix is to have it battery powered, with a motion board, such as ours, that will reset the phone each time the car moves, clearing out any errors that might be caused by above - and will also allow the GPS to reset - something that is very important....

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