Get JUST the Map?

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Get JUST the Map?

Post by JeePaRoo »

Ok so im trying to figure out how to get JUST the map image and add it to my website for all to view...

currently i have written an application using the REST API and all.. however the new version of Microsoft mappoint (software I use to generate map JPG's for my website) is very unstable... so i want to get JUST the map image itself and embed it into my own web page.. the accutracking web page you can link to wit ha map has a WHITE background and I DETEST white web backgrounds and want to inlcude it on my page with MY background... any easy way to do this??
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Re: Get JUST the Map?

Post by ATSupport »

We don't have static map image but you can still use the REST API but switch to Google static map from MapPoint.
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