GPS Receivers: which are the most effective?

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GPS Receivers: which are the most effective?

Post by deft » Fri Dec 07, 2007 3:07 am

I'm looking for a bluetooth GPS receiver (receiver only) for use with my Blackberry 7100i smart-phone. I have read a bit about the technologies and basically understand that for a receiver to be accurate it should have WAAS and SiRF III. right?

Now I look on eBay and see plenty of GPS receivers out there by names unknown to me such as Nolan, Holux, QStarz and Royaltek. The prices vary widely, as do the sizes and battery life. Some advertise 20 channels, some 32.

I work in a city, in between tall buildings (I'm a courier, usually on bicycle), and my phone's built-in GPS has a hard time getting my position. Even when I'm out in the open it's slow and not very accurate. For me the best receiver would be lightweight, have a fairly long battery life, get the most accurate possible signal, and quickly.

Does anyone have experience with a particular brand/model of bluetooth GPS receiver that you can tell us about? My only experience has been that which is built-in to my phone, which is about the most basic.

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