Cingular (AT&T) and AccuTracking

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Cingular (AT&T) and AccuTracking

Post by edabneyjr » Sun Apr 22, 2007 12:24 pm

I am currently on Cingular and am thinking about getting an hw6945 cell phone.

1. I do not currently have a data plan and was wondering if anyone knew what the minimum data plan that would be required for the uploading of the locations from the phone to AccuTracking?

2. I saw on another thread where someone mentioned that because alerts came in as e-mails rather than as text messages that Cingular has a .10 fee for every alert. Any suggestions on this as far as data plans?

3. Any thoughts on using TomTom, Mapapolis on the hw6945?

4. How about Topo programs?

Any other feedback on the hw6945 / hw6915 / hw6925 would be appreciated.

Thanks, Earl

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