Highlight Record that Triggered Fence

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Mr. Tracker

Highlight Record that Triggered Fence

Post by Mr. Tracker »

Is it possible to highlight the record in the tracking history log that was the first to trigger a fence alert, or for that matter a speeding alert, or even a battery alert.

Would be nice to see different colors for each, eg, Use green for the fence trigger record, since the fence has a green line around it. It would be nice to see the actual point on the map in he same color, perhaps even blink? This will make it easier to find this entry in the history log, and on the map. even though it is still numbered and can be cross referenced with the item on the map to the list number entry of the tracking log history.

Just an idea....

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Re: Highlight Record that Triggered Fence

Post by ATSupport »

Thanks for sharing the ideas! I agree this would be great improvement on usability. Will keep it on enhancement list. For now, you can click the "Alert" menu and it has a link to maps where the alert happened.
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