Fence Alerts after 2 or more locations outside of fence

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Mr. Tracker

Fence Alerts after 2 or more locations outside of fence

Post by Mr. Tracker » Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:41 pm

My idea is to have a setting on server side on a per unit basis to have the ability to set it that if two or more, or 3 or more position reports are outside of the fence that that is when the email will be sent.

With the way it is now, even on one it will send the event, which is fine, but there is GPS drift issues that ussually are one position, and the next will be back in the fence.

This probably would be pointless if your locates are set to5 or more minutes, but in my situation I would be using HOT Gps, with smart sending, but I get sometimes one point that is out of the fence and i get the fence notification. If I could set it that two locates out side of the fence would trigger the fence alert. Of course this would have to be a user configureable item on the manage units page.

This would allow for false positives to NOT be reported. EG if a vehicle is stolen, then you would get 2 or 3 or 4 and more reports outside of your fence, where as climate conditions will effect the gps drift, and ussually reports 1 odd item only, occasionnaly 2 that are out of the fence but end up back in the fence. I use a 200 Meter fence, and it still gets that big of drifting at times. well, twice per night.


Re: Fence Alerts after 2 or more locations outside of fence

Post by Guest » Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:44 pm


This can also be used for the Speed notification, where you can set after how many reports of an over speed, and as well as low battery alerts, I get a few low battery alerts for 66% when the phone is plugged into a charger all the time. If I had the ability to set that two low battery reports in a row, it would be a proper report, but it seems that the phone reports to AT a lower battery level then what it really is.

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Re: Fence Alerts after 2 or more locations outside of fence

Post by ATSupport » Fri Feb 05, 2010 1:32 pm

Thanks, the idea sounds good but for fence alerts it's almost equivalent to setting the fence bigger (than the common drift) - in case the phone actually moves, both will trigger the fence. In case it's a GPS drift, both reduces the alert sensitivity...
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Mr. Tracker

Re: Fence Alerts after 2 or more locations outside of fence

Post by Mr. Tracker » Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:11 pm

I know what you mean, but I have fences that are 200 meters, generally most locate dots are within 100 feet on average with the I465 reporting, but you get a few straglers that are 50 meters away, and occasionally you get the one that is way off for some reason, and this is the one that sets the fence trigger.

My theory was if you have smart sending, and HOT GPS, or even 1 minute updates, the smart sending would wait until the unit goes out of the fence ( I dont actually know what the drift amount is before it sends in smart send, is it 50 feet?) Once out of the fence, the one spot is reported, and the signal drift makes the next report apear to be in the fence, hence not set off the fence. But right now, that one that was the oddbal that went out past the fence sets it off, where my idea is that if there is one more after that that is outside of the fence this would set the fence trigger. Again, on a per user descretion on the manage my units.

Basically it will allow people to make a smaller fence, around where they see the majority of the position reports are, and leaves the user the choice to choose if its one position report outside or 2 or 3 to actually set the fence off.

This way if you wanted multiple fences in an area very close to each other, you can do this without making a bigger fence.

I dunno, i thought of it becuase I see i get fence alerts in the middle of the night but it is only 1 position, but is very close to the outside of the fence, one was actually on the inside, and it was reported to, but very close to the edge.

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