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 Post subject: AccuTracking software change log
 Post Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2004 2:19 am 
AccuTracking Staff

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This log is updated on a regular basis.
Latest AccuTracking Versions:
BlackBerry: v4.0.4
Windows Mobile: v2.5.0
Android: v3.8.1
Sprint/BoostMobile CDMA Java: v3.4.4
Generic Java Version: v3.4.2
iDEN: v3.4.0


Android version ONLY - v3.8.1 Aug 5, 2014
- Fixed the start up error on Android OS 4.4

Android version ONLY - v3.8.0 Dec 16, 2013
- Added check-in/check-out button on the screen so the phone's location can be shown/hidden from the online map.

Sprint/BoostMobile CDMA v3.4.4 - Aug 17, 2012
- Bug: On LG Rumor Reflex, cannot access "Setup" screen after setting a non-numeric password
- Removed "Run in background" menu because most phones no longer support it

Generic Java v3.4.2 & Sprint/BoostMobile CDMA v3.4.3 - Jul 27, 2012
- Bug: wrong speed reported online

Generic Java version ONLY - v3.4.1 Apr 18, 2012
- Battery saving: do not query GPS too often when GPS signal is weak.
- Removed compass

Android version ONLY - v3.7.4 Apr 16, 2012
- Made the Lat/Lon text clickable link to Google Maps.

Sprint CDMA Java version ONLY - v3.4.1 Apr 12, 2012
- First release for Sprint CDMA Java phones (Kyocera Duramax, Duraplus, Duracore, Sanyo Taho, Vero, Samsung Instinct HD...)

Android version ONLY - v3.7.3 Oct 10, 2011
- Minor bug fixes.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v4.0.4 Sept 13, 2010
- Added "BIS" connection type on "Setup" screen.

Android version ONLY - v3.6.5 Sept 1, 2010
- Fixed FC on exit.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v4.0.2 Aug 24, 2010
- Fixed "low gps signal" issue on Verizon phones introduced by v4.0.0

BlackBerry version ONLY - v4.0.0 Aug 18, 2010
- Improved battery life
- Further fixed GPS resume issue when going from indoors to outdoors.
- Hide icon from the "Switch Application" list.
- Support auto deployment and auto configuration via BES push

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.5.5 Aug 9, 2010
- Fixed GPS resume issue when going from indoors to outdoors.

Android version ONLY - v3.6.3 Aug 6, 2010
- Fixed FC.

Android version ONLY - v3.6.2 Aug 4, 2010
- Fixed GPS hang issue. Added more status message.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.5.3 July 1, 2010
- Loose the accuracy filter to allow more inaccurate data.

Android version ONLY - v3.5.4 July 1, 2010
- Fixed "tracking hang/not tracking frequently" issue on some Android phone models by loosing the accuracy filter.

Windows Mobile version ONLY - v2.5.0 Jan 15, 2010
- Improve battery life when sending interval is set to be 2 minutes or more.
- Bug: title bar still shows under "Hidden Mode" when auto starting with the phone.

Android version ONLY - v3.5.0 Jan 11, 2010
- Improve battery life when sending interval is set to be 2 minutes or more.

Windows Mobile v2.4.0 Nov 20, 2009
- Add "Hidden Mode" setting.

Android version ONLY - v3.4.3 Nov 7, 2009
- Updated for Android 1.6

Windows Mobile v2.3.0 Oct 28, 2009
- Add application icon.
- CAB installer creates shortcut link in the start menu.

Windows Mobile v2.2.0 Aug 04, 2009
- Add Hot GPS option

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.5.1 Aug 01, 2009
- Add link to help page for "Invalid Tracker ID" message on the setting page.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.5.0 May 20, 2009
- Add "WAP" to "Connection type" option on the "Setup" screen. Try change this option if you see "cant connect" or "Data cache" message on the phone.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.4.1 May 5, 2009
- Enhancement: new "Connection type" option on the "Setup" screen. Try change this option if you see "cant connect" or "Data cache" message on the phone.

v3.4.0 for iDEN phones and Blackberry phones Apr 22, 2009
- HotGPS now updates your position every 10 seconds.

v3.3.1 for iDEN phones Jan 20, 2009
- Bug: When HotGPS is enabled, Auto Interval does not work.

Android version ONLY - v3.4.1 Nov 8, 2008
- Bug: Cached record timestamp has wrong timezone.

Android version ONLY - v3.4.0 Nov 6, 2008
- Added battery data report.
- Added auto start option to the settings page so a separate "autostart" version is unnecessary now.
- A separate "covert" version is available.

Windows Mobile v2.1 Nov 04, 2008
- Bug: Password protection screen may be bypassed.

Android version ONLY - v3.3.2 Oct 23, 2008
- Bug: Password protection not working.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.3.2 Oct 17, 2008
- Bug: Smart sending not working.

First release for Android Oct 16, 2008
- Versioned as v3.3.1 to keep in sync with other platforms.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.2.1 Aug 31, 2008
- Enhancement: lowered the Smart Sending sensitivity to filter more redundant data when the phone is standing still.

v3.3.1 for Boost i425 Mar 31, 2008
- Bug: When HotGPS is enabled, Auto Interval does not work.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.2.0 Feb 18, 2008
- Support external Bluetooth GPS. This version only runs on BB firmware 4.2 or later. For old firmware versions, use AccuTracking v3.1.2.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.1.2 Jan 21, 2008
- Bug: Pressing escape key bypasses the password protection screen.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.1.1 Dec 01, 2007
- Bug: cached data has wrong timestamp.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.1.0 Nov 30, 2007
- Improvement: use much less battery power.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.0.5 Oct 30, 2007
- Bug fix: tracking stops after running for an extended period of time.

v3.3.0 for Boost i425 Oct 01, 2007
- Now support the new Boost Mobile i425 phones.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v3.0.0 Aug 3, 2007
- Improvement: Faster GPS acquisition.
- Also works on Blackberry 8800, 8830.

Windows Mobile 5 v2.0 Apr 02, 2007
- Support Cingular hw6915, hw6925, hw6945 WM5 phones.

v3.3.0 for iDEN phones Jan 18, 2007
- Bug: GPS status stops updating online when AccuTracking is suspended on the phone.

v3.2.9 Dec 03, 2006
- Bug: Battery/Cell status stop updating online when AccuTracking is suspended on the phone.

BlackBerry version ONLY - v2.3.1 Oct 25, 2006
- Bug: Speed displayed correct on phone but wrong online.
- Improvement: GPS acquisition time.

v3.2.8 Sept 29, 2006
- Bug: "Auto interval" setting is not remembered in setup screen.
- Change the default setting for "smart sending" to off.

v3.2.7 Sept 12, 2006
- Remeber last used notification email addresses between restarts.
- Add last sent time to the main screen.

v3.2.6 Aug 28, 2006
- Bug: "send status" menu causes settings cleared.
- Increased maxium cache size to 10000.
- Optimized cache sending algorithm.
- Further workaround on the hang problem.

v3.2.4 Aug 3, 2006
- Bug: when phone crosses the time zone boundary and no coverage, the cached data has wrong timestamp.

v3.2.3 Jun 2, 2006
- Bug: battery level on the phone not get updated.

v3.2 May 21, 2006
- "Auto interval" option: automatically double reporting rate when phone is moving faster than 30mph; double again when over 60mph.
- When "smart sending" option is enabled and the phone is not moving, force sending data every 30 minutes so the phone is not completely silent and invisible.
- (iDEN phones only) Added "Low signal mode" option to alleviate the "phone hangs after running for about 2 weeks" issue when Nextel coverage is low. This is not the ultimate solution since the root cause of the hang is in the phone firmware. This option is not available on BlackBerry version since BlackBerry has no such problem.

v3.1 May 17, 2006
- Report cell tower location when GPS position cannot be acquired. iDEN phones only. Blackberry version doesn't have this feature.

v3.0 (commercial version) April 22, 2006
- BlackBerry phone support: 7520, 7100i.
- Battery level and signal strength data report.
- Speed alerts via email or SMS.
- Send/Notify position to a email.
- Cache GPS data when outside coverage and send later.
- MapPoint 2004 support.

v2.3 July 29, 2005
- Add i325, i605, i850, i860 builds to support the latest firmwares.

v2.1.7 July 23, 2005
- Correct the missing compass image problem.

v2.1.6 July 19, 2005
- Add i355 phone.
- Support i265/i710 latest firmware.

v2.1 Apr 25, 2005
- Built-in messages and message MRU.
- Bug fix: Smart sending cannot be disabled.
- Bug Fix: Nextel MAM version mismatch for i710.

v2.0.1 May 3, 2004
- Fix: 4:60:10 AM bug.

v2.0 Apr 26, 2004
- Send message from phone to server.
- Virtual compass.
- Smart sending option.
- Screen menu re-designed.

v1.4.4 Apr 5, 2004
- Satellite number display battery time improvement (i730 only)

v1.4.3 Mar 31, 2004
- Add satellite number display (i730 only)
- Rearrange screen texts

v1.4.2 Mar 28, 2004
- Bug fix: hot GPS option not remembered after restart.

v1.4 Mar 1, 2004
- Speed, heading, altitude data report;
- Geofence alerts;
- External display ( i730 phone only).

v1.3 for iDEN phones Jan 26, 2004
- Trip overview map: linked positions.
- Fix: "invalid tracker ID" bug.
- Client's last status report page.[/code]

AccuTracking Support

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