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"Share Location Link" and "Web Integration" Feature Users: Google API Key - Action Required

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 3:25 pm
by ATSupport
If you are using our "Share Location Link" or "Web Integration" feature to put a map on your own website, your action is required to continue using the feature.

Due to the changes to Google API billing since 7/16/2018, you'll need your own Google API key to use the "share location" feature and the "web integration" feature.

Actions needed:

1. Get a Google API key here. You'll be asked to provide your credit card information to Google but you won't be charged if the API usage is lower than $200 per month. If you share your location on a busy website, you may get charged by Google when the usage is over $200/month.

2. Regenerate the map sharing link.
2.1 If you are using "share location" link, go to "Manage Units" page and click the unit then choose "Share Location" from the context menu, and use your new Google API key for the new map link.
2.2 If you are using "web integration" link, go to "Account" page and click "API & web integration" and use your new Google API key for the new map link.

The newly generated map links is the latest version v3. All earlier version links should be upgraded to v3 to work.