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Re: Wife---

by Rob » Wed May 26, 2010 12:08 pm

The trunk is not the best place for a tracker..

Re: Wife---

by fantico » Wed May 26, 2010 12:10 am

Yes you can but a bost mobile phone running Accutracking software in the trunk and or in a backseat pocket and it works fine. How I have done it. The battery will drain in one Day that is the only issue I have found with the portable phone option.

Re: The real truth about women

by Guest » Fri Apr 16, 2010 5:26 am

Truth Serum wrote:I am the guy that all of you hate even though most guys give me high fives all the time. I am a VP in the Hospitality Field. This field is a little less respectful than CPA or Lawyer or Political fields and the relationships show it. I have been called a legend in the seduction field in my area by the people I think are the real legends. I have been married 35 years and have had about 200 lovers ALL unknown to my wife. I once counted up to 156 and that was way before I stopped. Only four of them were mistakes that I regret. The reasons I cheated are not important for this forum as there are many. The only reason I say this is for you gentlemen to make sure to protect yourselves. I am not a gorgeous guy. As a matter of fact, gorgeous guys do not get as many opportunities as I do. The reason is that women do not trust them and do not want to compete with other women that they fear are after them also. I am supposedly good looking but not too good looking. I dress impeccably and treat women (except my wife) very well and am a good dancer and make them laugh. Being a good kisser with great confidence is what they want The women that are here that will read this will attack me, not because it is true, but because I am saying it OUT LOUD. They all want a man like that, but he should also be humble to the point of being a wimp. I am also somewhat kinky and get them to do things they are curious about but don't have the courage to share with their lifetime mates for fear it would damage their relationships forever. This is why they NEVER, NOT ONCE, tell you the truth about their past. I mean when you finally start to have sex in an affair and you do it each and every time you meet, you can easily get to the question;, what is the wildest thing you have ever done or wanted to do? They basically use me and respectfully get rid of me; which I love. I have had many many women cry and explain to me that they had never had an orgasm before. This is not rare at all, and as a matter of fact, almost expected in half the cases. I have had affairs with many many women from church. I have actually had the most success there because when a woman wants to attend church (alone) she is looking for something and really does not know what it is, and there I am.

Here is my point for you guys. Women always cheat. Your mom, my mom, grandmother, etc. have all had their flings. Think of it. If you had the power to just walk up to a better looking woman than you are a man and say "lets just go have sex right now", you would do it all the time. Why should they be any different? This power is always at their disposal and is not even respected by them until it is time "TO USE IT". Men in the past have just always tried to protect themselves from being hurt by this power by making up the "WHORE" rule for social standards of conduct. I have seen this word use a lot in this forum.

If you think your wife is not cheating because she is at church you are not looking. I have had numerous "wild" situations in the car, on the hoods of cars, threesomes eventually, and girl on girl with bake sale, choir singers right from church; sometimes only a block or two away because of time constraints.

Respect her power, make sure you don't think you are so damn special that she would give all of that power up for you for her entire life; and then do whatever you can to find out the truth to protect yourself and your lifestyle and your assets.

Judge me all you want. I was greedy and was good at doing what I did. Every man wants to do what he is good at. I just wish it was something else. By the way, my home life is quiet, seems respectful, etc. If you are wondering if I think my wife has ever cheated.

Yes, because she can so easily.

The men here that will hate me so much are usually the most scared ones. Relax and re-read this. I want you to protect yourself from HER, not me. I could have never laid one woman across the hood of my car without her desire, eagerness, and approval. I know it is very hard to think of your wife doing this as she tucks your little child in bed with you.

Tracking her is a start to real knowledge that took me a lifetime. Use the info, or discard it. Your choice. Women are very very wonderful, but also very very dangerous because of their god given power.

They are also like monkeys, they never leave one branch until they have another to swing on.

I never knew I would be reading such an insightful post in a tech forum. It's sad but I believe your are right. Thanks mate.

Re: Wife---

by Rob » Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:35 am

Thanks for letting everyone know our system works! Good luck..

Re: Wife---

by guest » Mon Apr 27, 2009 6:39 pm

I also purchased a boost phone and the accutracking from Rob (look for his posts on this thread) as I suspected my wife of 10 year of recently cheating. After 25 years since she graduated high school, she found her old high school boyfriend listed on classmates and she made contact last summer, wondering why he didnt fight for her after she picked someone else to marry back then. Just prior to her agreeing to actually meet up with him, she mistakenly left her classmates email open one night! I read all their messages of weeks of contact.....she forgot to deleted them. Needless to say, I stopped this in it's tracks before she agreed to many requests to meet at a motel and let me tell you....it hurt like hell to know she was having this emotional affair and although she stopped it, claims it ended forever and I forgave her, I still doubt her and continue to suspect that she still intends to meet up with him again or maybe is even seeing someone else. Anyway, I had tried everything prior to buying a car tracker first to put my mind at ease. I even placed webwatcher on 3 computers at home and at our office and got a sim card reader to monitor her all her cell text messages. I found she was smart enough to check sites I had been too on my computer and had even traced my credit card purchases for these devices and confronted me with this, making these expensive computer monitoring licenses and cell text reader worthless.

A few months later, she went "undercover". I find she has learned a better way to communicate with someone using other available methods that are out there these days. Recently I found she has learned how to exchange hidden messages with a secret AOL email account with someone else. This is done by imbedding hidden data (text messages) inside media files that are sent back and forth by cell with one of those pre-paid cards and a second second sim card. This is done through opening a video or secret link that gets transmitted in a forwarded email or text message to disguise the sender. After confronting her after I had learned how to open some of these secret messages, I was outsmarted again because no actual names were ever written in the texts and emails and she denied any knowledge of them. She claimed these messages were "forwarded" messages to her and were "obviously" directed at someone else before she got them and claims she knows nothing about imbedding messages and transmissions to data services. This left only the car tracker left......which I located behind the back bumper of her car using the strong magnet provided which holds the waterproof box the phone rests in tight to the gas tank. Nearly impossible to see from above or below. It has been working perfectly as I now know where she is at all times. So far, for the past 3 weeks, she has been where she says she is going so slowly the trust will come back if it continues. Without the tracker though, I would continue to suspect her. Now, many of you will think I am crazy for needing to know what is going on her.....and not just leave anyway after the classmates drama. Well, I'm very wealthy. I have given this lady everything she could ever want in her life....even half my company. I helped raise her 3 kids and am putting them through college. We travel often to the exotic places and we own a vacation home. This lady is 14 years younger than me and the love of my life...... The one in a million you guys could only ever imagine finding and so perfect in nearly all other ways. The classmates thing was completely out of character for her. The sex with her every night is pure mind blowing as you can only imagine! So, I know she has no clue of the tracker and even if she did, it would take a professional to locate it. The battery life is about 8 to 10 days on a full charge which takes about 6 hours. My biggest hope as I continue the annual subscription, is to find nothing going on and then be able to throw the tracking system out.......

To any of you thinking it would be a good idea to use this device, if not only to restore some peace of mind, I say go for it......... The $300 or so I spent will be worth a thousand times that much for me to know the truth...... one way or the other.

Re: Wife---

by geegee_69 » Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:50 pm


Re: Wife---

by The real answer on how to do it. » Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:02 pm

Go to "forums" here on the home page. Go to thread "Great news for newbies"

Re: Wife---

by Rob » Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:57 pm

won't work..

Re: Wife---

by Guest » Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:21 pm

:shock: I am a wife also and i got a i425 boost phone and al i have to do is buy the starter kit for it, i think. mine is pretty easy my husband wants a prepaid phone. so i thought this was the prefect phone for him, because honestly i thing he has a side kick as his buddy says. he is always working late but never getting paid for it? plus i think i know who she might be but not sure. the only question is will the phone say it is tracking when i get on the internet and track him? im new to this. he will be using the phone for calls. but i dont want him to know the phone is also tracking him. is this possible?

Re: Wife---

by Rob » Mon Mar 31, 2008 2:40 pm

He''ll see it..you need an attorney!

Re: Wife---

by Guest » Mon Mar 31, 2008 2:36 pm

I have husband that has cheated 3x (three different women over the last few years)...and I am sick of it. Is this accutracking detectable on his blackberry do you think? I don't want him to know it is one there of course...

Re: Wife---

by Rob » Mon Mar 31, 2008 11:21 am

Yes you do require 2..

Re: Wife---

by Guest » Mon Mar 31, 2008 12:19 am

sad with pain wrote:Try Verizon new chaperone, it works I know and it is reliable as long as you have a signal. I busted my wife reciently and caught the guy and beat him bad on the day after valentines day.
Ya, but you need 2 phones on a Verizon account for it to work.

Re: Wife---

by Guest » Fri Mar 07, 2008 6:34 am

Yes but don't like to talk about that. that doesn't make me feel good.
Rob wrote:Did you beat her also?

Re: Wife---

by Rob » Sat Mar 01, 2008 7:01 pm

Did you beat her also?